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Fresh Nutrition to Support
Optimal Health & Healing
in Dogs and Cats.

Freshpet® Veterinary Nutrition™ Product Benefits

Designed to support recovery in dogs and cats
  • High quality protein sources provide an ideal amino acid profile to support tissue regeneration and repair.
  • Optimal Omega 6:3 ratio to support a healthy immune system, reduce inflammation, and promote healing.
  • Fortified with pre-biotics (soluble fibers) to support gastrointestinal health.
  • Fortified with bioavailable sources of essential vitamins and minerals.

A new fresh, refrigerated pet food
exclusively for veterinarians.

Freshpet Veterinary Nutrition products

Fresh food for pets – A naturally healthy option

  • Fresh ingredients and minimal processing enhance palatability and increase digestibility of ingredients.
  • Made from a blend of fresh meats, fish and eggs to encourage food intake even in the most reluctant patient.
  • Easily absorbed even when digestive systems may be compromised.
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